Drilling programs – whether exploration or production drilling – are all about hitting the target to provide intelligence for key decision making.

Accurate surveys provide the trajectory of the borehole, ensuring successful intersection of the target.  WellForce’s experienced personnel use the industry’s leading survey technology and comprehensive QAQC processes, combined with our unique Directional Drilling Management Software to provide highly accurate, and repeatable, surveys.  In fact we haven’t missed a target yet!

Leading Survey Technology

We use the world’s most accurate North Seeking Gyros and single and multi-shot MEMS gyros,to complete our surveys.  Our QAQC procedures involve calibration of survey instruments at the end of hole, every day, ensuring high quality and accurate survey results.  These are shared with clients daily, providing complete transparency and confidence the drilling program is on target.

JORC Compliant Surveys

All WellForce surveys are JORC compliant and fully auditable – especially vital in exploration drilling projects.

Open Hole and Reverse Circulation (RC) Survey Services

Our experienced team provide both Open Hole and Reverse Circulation (RC) survey services.  Using North Seeking Gyro technology we reduce the costs of surveying, while providing accurate and repeatable survey results. 

The slimline North Seeking Gyro allows us to survey inside regular RC inner tubes, enabling surveying to take place without stopping drilling operations to pull rods and complete the survey.  It also eliminates the need for non-magnetic drill rods, lowering costs and improving accuracy.

Open hole surveys are conducted with MEMS Gyro technology, providing highly accurate surveys in both magnetic and non-magnetic environments. They operate on standard running gear, and provide high speed Bluetooth data download.