HiTT Software

WellForce have developed HiTT, a unique 3D Directional Drilling Management Software solution that displays the trajectory of a drillhole towards its target.  HiTT is designed to significantly improve borehole planning and management.

What makes this software unique is its ability to provide 3D visibility of the borehole’s progress and if required, deliver a report with deviation plans to realign the drill hole to target.

The software uses proven oilfield minimum curvature method of calculation to provide an accurate view of what is happening down the drill hole.

The software is very easy to use and can be accessed via laptops on site.


  • 3D, 360° rotational views
  • 2D section and plan views
  • Individual or multiple borehole views
  • Full resource mapping capability
  • Planning tools including: Directional drilling; Trend analysis extrapolation; Defined path extrapolations; and many others
  • Minimal input required to commence using the software
  • Reporting and plan export capability


  • Enables quality control of drilling programs
  • Improves efficiency of drilling programs
  • Provides complete visibility of progress of drilling programs
  • Ensures target zones are reached, particularly critical for new resource delineation projects looking to obtain finance
  • Proven success, with a history of hitting every target across all projects
  • Productivity and financial benefits attained via implementation of timely corrective action where required
  • Supports quality decision making
  • Reports can be emailed directly to Drillers or Geologists
  • Avoids costly borehole collisions